With the establishment, operation and execution of ISO 22000: 2005 HACCP - Feed Safety and ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System and Good Production Techniques within the company, it has adopted the general quality and feed safety policy to offer reliable, healthy, hygienic and quality products at affordable prices to the consumer. .

Within the framework of this general policy;

- To abide by the legal legislation, administrative regulations and the rules of the organizations that we are a member of regarding Feed Safety;
- To meet customer expectations in a quality, effective and efficient manner and to ensure customer satisfaction by applying the latest scientific and technological developments with qualified personnel;
- Observing the happiness, satisfaction and interests of all our common stakeholders, together with our customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and auxiliary industries;
- Efficient use of natural resources in line with productivity principles;
- Assigning qualified personnel who are researcher, dynamic, follow technological developments and are suitable for cooperation and teamwork;
- To continue the necessary internal and external training activities for all personnel to achieve quality and feed safety targets and policies;
- Establishing internal and external customer communication at all stages of our production processes and throughout the feed chain and ensuring the continuity of the use of these channels;
- Continuous improvement of the Management System and increasing its effectiveness;

With the awareness of its duty and responsibility towards the society we live in, the company commits itself to achieve its goals.