ORUÇOĞLU INVESTMENT, one of the leading companies in Afyonkarahisar, invested in Feed Production 1978
It was established with Russian technology.
In 1980, feed production was started with the title of DOST-YEM. In 1982, the First founding Partnership was terminated.
With the completion of the DOST-YEM Feed production facilities, all of them passed to Oruçoğlu family. Within Oruçoğlu Holding
In the restructuring process that took place in 1996, Oruçoğlu Yem San. Trade Inc., ORUÇOĞLU INVESTMENT
passed into it.
Since 1990, with the ORUÇOĞLU YEM brand, 20 Tons/hour thanks to the development of modern domestic technology
Our factory, which continued its production by establishing a poultry feed factory with a production capacity, was mainly poultry until 1995.
feed production. It has served the sector with a 60% market share on a provincial basis.
After the Economic Crisis experienced in our country in 1995, poultry feed market actors made their own feed.
trend has formed, and after this date, our company has shifted its production direction to the cattle and sheep feeds market.
translated it.
In 2000, the fully automatic Pellet Feed unit with a capacity of 20 tons / hour was included in the system and Granule and Pellet
feed production started. The focus was on pellet feed production and the Dairy Feed Market.
In order to increase the raw material storage capacity of our enterprise in 2002 and 2003 and to improve its conditions,
In addition to the existing 6 tons of horizontal raw material storage capacity, 3 tons in 2002 and 3 tons in 2003.
With an additional steel silo investment of 3 tons, our total existing storage capacity doubled in two years.
and a total storage capacity of 12 tons was reached.
Established in 2005, Flake has been one of the firsts in the sector with its production facility.
Our company, which started to manufacture with PLC dosing system in 2006, established the modern
It has reflected the importance it attaches to production quality with its laboratory to our producers with field support and feeding trainings.
Our feeds, which are produced thanks to the PLC software, the software of which is prepared with our own means, starting from production
It is monitored until the time it is consumed and all records of these can be kept.
HACCP (ISO 22000-2005) and ISO 9001-2008 Food safety and quality management system since 2010
certificates were obtained and production continued within this framework.
In order to increase the production capacity of the factory in 2017 and in 2020, dosing silos, micro dosing
unit, boiler system, drying, molasses line, new raw material intake system, conveyor and loading belts,
weighing and bagging systems, semi-finished product silos were commissioned.
Feed designs have been made with a new understanding and they are distributed to many parts of our country. Before
Our work continues with our policies that adopt the understanding of quality and service in the field.
The stage from standard raw material purchase and production to the producer is fully recorded and traceable.
It is monitored 24/7 with a method.
Continuing our service with the technology and software we have developed in many areas and increasing day by day.
We strive to stay ahead.