As ORUÇOĞLU YEM SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş (hereinafter called “Company”), we present to the public and related persons the lighting text that we have prepared in accordance with Article 10 of the No. 6698 Personal Data Protection Law (hereinafter called "Law) and containing information about the company's personal data processing activities.;


Your personal data may be processed by the company as a data controller within the scope described below. It should be understood from the concept of data controller; is the natural or legal person responsible for establishing and managing the data recording system, which determines the purposes and means of processing personal data.

You can use the following channels to contact the data controller:

Address           : Akçin Mahallesi Mareşal Fevzi Çakmak Bulvar No:79A/A

                          Merkez Afyonkarahisar

Phone              : +90 272 223 12 06

E-mail             :

Website           :


                Company processes personal data for the purposes of execution of emergency management processes, execution of information security processes, execution of employee candidate / trainee / student selection and placement processes, execution of application processes of employee candidates, execution of employee satisfaction and loyalty processes, fulfillment of obligations arising from employment contract and legislation for employees, execution of benefits and interests processes for employees, conducting audit / ethical activities, conducting training activities, carrying out access powers, conducting activities in accordance with the legislation, conducting financial and accounting affairs, carrying out loyalty processes to companies / products / services, ensuring venue security, carrying out commissioning processes, monitoring and carrying out legal affairs, conducting internal audit / investigation / intelligence activities, conducting communication activities, planning human resources processes, planning human resources processes, execution / supervision of business activities, execution of occupational health / safety activities, receipt and evaluation of recommendations for improving business processes, execution of business continuity activities, execution of logistics activities, execution of goods / services procurement processes, execution of goods / services after sales support services, execution of goods / services production and operation processes, execution of customer relations management processes, execution of activities for customer satisfaction, organization and event management, conduct of marketing analysis studies, carrying out performance evaluation processes, carrying out advertising / campaign / promotion processes, carrying out risk management processes, carrying out storage and archival activities, carrying out social responsibility and civil society activities, execution of contract processes, execution of sponsorship activities, execution of strategic planning activities, follow-up of demands / complaints, ensuring the safety of movable goods and resources, execution of supply chain management processes, execution of wage policy, execution of marketing processes of products / services, ensuring the security of data controller operations, foreign personnel work and residence permit operations, execution of investment processes, conducting talent / career development activities, providing information to authorized persons, institutions and organizations, creating and tracking visitor records.




Personal data regarding customers may be shared with the company's suppliers, legally authorized institutions and organizations, and legally authorized natural and legal persons for the purposes of planning and executing the activities necessary to recommend and promote the products and services offered by the company to the data subjects according to their tastes, usage habits and needs within the framework of the personal data processing conditions and purposes specified in Article 8 and 9 of the Law., carrying out the necessary work by the business units and carrying out the relevant business processes in order to benefit the data subjects from the products and services offered by the company, to carry out the necessary work by the relevant business units for the realization of the commercial activities carried out by the company and to carry out the related business processes, planning and executing the company's commercial and/or business strategies, ensuring the legal, technical and commercial-business security of the company and the persons involved in the business relationship with the company.


Personal data are collected through electronic media such as information and request forms in website, mobile application and social media, applications downloaded to smartphones or in physical environments. Personal data are collected and processed for legal reasons such as the storage of personal data due to the fact that it is directly related to the establishment and performance of contracts, the storage of personal data for the purpose of establishing, using or protecting a right, the necessity of storing personal data for the legitimate interests of the company without harming the fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, storing personal data for the purpose of fulfilling any legal obligations of the company, explicitly stipulating the storage of personal data in the legislation, and having the explicit consent of the data subjects in terms of storage activities requiring the explicit consent of the data subjects.


            The natural person whose personal data is processed is identified as the data subject and has the following rights:

  1. Learning if personal data has been processed
  2. Requesting information about personal data if it has been processed
  3. Learning the purpose of processing personal data and whether they are used in accordance with their purpose
  4. Knowing the third parties to whom personal data are transferred to
  5. Requesting correction of personal data if it is incomplete or incorrectly processed
  6. Requesting the deletion or destruction of personal data
  7. Requesting notification of transactions made in accordance with paragraphs (e) and (f) to third parties to whom personal data are transferred
  8. Objecting to the emergence of a result against the person himself by analyzing the processed data exclusively through automated systems
  9. Requesting compensation for damages in case of damages due to unlawful processing of personal data

In accordance with paragraph 1 of article 13 of the law, the data subject may make his request for exercising rights mentioned above in accordance with the "Notification on the Procedures and Principles of Application to the Data Controller" published in the Official Gazette No. 30356.




Explicit consent refers to consent on a particular subject, based on information and expressed freely, and this explicit consent text contains information on the following issues and we would like to remind you that you are free to consent to this text.

I have given my explicit consent that ORUÇOĞLU YEM SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş may process and share my sensitive personal data (information on disability status, blood type information, personal health information, device and prosthesis information used, information about criminal conviction, information on security measures, palm information, fingerprint information, retinal scan information, facial recognition information) and personal data of name surname, mother -father name, mother's maiden name, date of birth, place of birth, marital status, birth certificate serial sequence no. ID no. , address no. , e-mail address, contact address, registered e-mail address (kep), telephone number, call center records, invoice, promissory note, check information, information on toll booth receipts, order information, request information, IP address information, website login and exit information, password and password information for the purpose of providing products and services in a better and quality way, providing institutional communication, carrying out statistical studies, ensuring the fulfillment of legal obligations as required or required by legal regulations, fullfiling the obligation of proof as evidence in future legal disputes, tracking legal affairs and for similar purposes in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Personal Data Protection Law No. 6698.

I have given my explicit consent to ORUÇOĞLU YEM SANAYİ VE TİCARET A.Ş to use and share it limited to the purpose of processing within the scope of the relevant process, to reach me via SMS (Text message), E-mail, voicemail to store my personal data within the required period of time.

I have been informed about that subject matter and I read and understand the Explicit Consent Statement Form and Clarification Text.


I Agree                       

I Disagree       


Data Subject


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