Flaked Barley

Purpose of use

Flaked Barley


It is given to dairy and beef cattle in order to support the energy needs of the animals.

It is given to support the development in young cattle and small ruminants.


• As the gelatinization value of starch increases, its digestibility increases.

• As the product is treated with steam, harmful microorganisms are destroyed.

• The energy content of barley increases.

• By-pass protein amount increases.

• Microbial protein synthesis increases in the rumen.

• Promotes barley flake rumination.

• The flavor of the feed added with flake increases

• Increases feed consumption and daily live weight gain in cattle.

• Feed efficiency improves.

• It prevents dusting compared to crushing, grinding and dry crushing.

• Carcass efficiency increases.

• Increases milk yield and protein ratio in dairy animals.

• It contributes to the development of rumen  and growth of calves.

• It is an ideal feed raw material for lambs and yearling lambs.